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Accessories for our Other Products

The optional accessories below are available to enhance the features and functions of other products we carry. However, most are also quite useful to have on their own or use with 3rd party products as well.

60 MHz Oscilloscope Probe PROBE60S For use with our Velleman handheld oscilloscopes and PC based oscilloscopes.

100 MHz Oscilloscope Probe PROBE100 For use with any scope with a bandwidth from DC to 100MHz.

150 MHz Oscilloscope Probe PROBE150 For use with any scope with a bandwidth from DC to 150MHz.

250 MHz Oscilloscope Probe PROBE250 For use with any scope with a bandwidth from DC to 250MHz.

Cable Management Wall Rack TLMH Hang and organize electronic cables and/or test leads in the lab for quick identification and easy access.

Wheeled Trolley Tool Case 1819-T1 A tough aluminum framed ABS enclosure with dividers and compartments to transport a variety of tools and instruments. Removable trolley.

Aluminum Frame Tool Case 1821-N Tool or instrument case has padded interior. Measures 13 x 9 x 7.5 inches. With carrying handle, optional shoulder strap, and two latches with keyed locks.

Display Enclosure with Bezel B5600 For use with our Velleman Scrolling Advertisement LED Display Kit K5600R.

Leather Carrying Holster BAGHPS Fits older style Velleman handheld scopes HPS10, HPS10SE, and HPS40.

Rechargeable battery pack BPAPS230 Replacement rechargeable battery pack for portable oscilloscope APS230.

USB 2.0 Serial Cable CW092B 6.56 feet cable length (2 meters). A-Male to A-Male USB connectors. Compatible with USB 2.0 and the older USB1 and USB1.1 standards.

RS232 Serial Cable CW014 Standard legacy serial cable for many computer peripherals. Measuring 2 meters in length (6.56 feet), this serial cable is recommended for connection of our PIC Programmer Kit K8048 to a PC.

Snap Blade Refills MES1810A Each long blade consists of snap-off sections and is used to refill the 1907-7 snap blade knife. One small section of the blade (the tip portion) is used until it becomes too dull. Then just snap off the dull end of the blade and slide the next section out of the knife handle. Continue work with a fresh blade tip.

12 Watt Circular Fluorescent Light Bulb BULB T4 12 watt circular Fluorescent light bulb type T4.

22 Watt Circular Fluorescent Bulb LAMP22 22 watt circular fluorescent light bulb.

Reflective Stickers DTO-RS Set of 10 reflective sticker strips for use with handheld digital tachometers. Used for non-contact RPM measurements.