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Advanced Electronic Kits

Electronic kits for the advanced skill level.

Velleman Kits

3D Printer Kit K8200 Prints three dimensional solid prototypes, products, or any object from computer designs using PLA or ABS plastic filaments as a material source.

5x5x5 Blue LED Cube Electronic Kit K8018B Comes with factory programmed animated light effects. Use free downloadable PC software to create your own custom effects.

5x5x5 White LED Cube Electronic Kit K8018W Comes with factory programmed animated light effects, or program the cube with your own custom effects via USB.

USB Experiment Board Electronic Kit K8055 Build a USB interface board and write custom Windows (98SE, 2000, Me, XP) applications in Delphi, Visual Basic, C++ Builder or any other 32-bit Windows application that supports calls to a DLL.

USB Interface Board Electronic Kit K8055N An updated replacement for the older K8055 kit, this K8055N works with newer operating systems (Win XP, Vista, Windows7).

Extended USB Interface Kit K8061 With 33 input/outputs: including analogue / digital and + 1PWM (pulse width modulated) output. Computer connection is galvanically-optically isolated, so that damage to the computer is not possible.

8 Channel USB Relay Board Electronic Kit K8090 Use a computer USB port to control up to eight 16 amp loads. Kit also includes on-board push buttons for manual operation of relays.

4 Channel Data Logger Electronic Kit K8047 PC based USB data logger records DC voltage levels or slow moving AC signals over a long period of time.

MP3 Player Project Electronic Kit K8095 Build your own MP3 player and create a custom home audio system, jukebox, and play jingles, audio messages, sound effects where and how you want it!

Light Effect Generator Electronic Kit K8044 12 volt, 10 channel light effect generator controls low voltage lighting or solid state relays. User selectable speed and effects.

DC Controlled Light Dimmer Electronic Kit K8064 Control the brightness of lamps using a low voltage DC control signal. Compatible with PC interface cards for computer control of custom light dimmer applications.

Multifunction Light Dimmer Electronic Kit K8028 Uses its own microcontroller to provide 13 modes of operation. This dimmer is suitable for either resistive loads (such as lamps) or inductive loads (such as motors).

8 Channel Touch Keypad Electronic Kit K8046 Create your own keypad layout on a transparent foil and make your own CUSTOM backlit keypad. Each key can be momentary or toggle.

DC Power Supply Electronic Kit K7203 Adjustable from 3 to 30V. An ideal power source for electronic kits or many other applications. Maximum current output of 3 Amps.


MadLab Kits

Frequency Counter Electronic Kit ML300 Use this frequency meter for equipment calibration, tuning musical instruments, and many other uses.

Windy Joules Anemometer Electronic Kit ML304 Measure and record wind speeds and light levels to calculate available energy. An educational instrument for renewable energy studies and science fairs.

Bleep-O-Tron Synthesizer Electronic Kit ML305 An amazing sound synthesizer using a dsPIC digital signal processor. Connects to a computer keyboard or to equipment such as a MIDI keyboard or sequencer.

Noise-X Synthesizer Electronic Kit ML306 Create mind blowing Sci-Fi sound effects! An ideal synthesizer for vidiograpthers and other users of sci-fi sound efects.

<empty> Funky Drummer Electronic Kit ML307 Makes 40 drum sounds (5 toms, 4 snares, 3 basses + hihats, cymbals, bongos, cowbell, clap etc.) with preset and user created rhythms and adjustable tempo.

Rocket Launcher Electronic Kit ML404 Uses capacitive discharge ignition and count down timer. Multiple units can be daisy chained together for synchronized rocket launches!