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Frequency Counter Electronic Kit ML300

Frequency meter electronic kit

Frequency meter electronic kit
Click the image for a larger view

Teach or learn about digital frequency counters with this simple low cost meter electronic kit from MadLab. Useful tool for the electronics engineer. This kit comes with a pre-programmed PIC microcontroller. No programming is required.

Frequency Counter Kit Version 2

Build this digital frequency counter based on the PIC 16C54 microcontroller, with an excellent price to performance ratio.

Frequency counters are often used to calibrate other equipment. For example, a signal generator that doesn't have its own digital display. The meter will show the exact frequency being produced by the signal generator.

Texas Instruments manufactures a series of light sensors (e.g. TSL220) which produce an output frequency dependent on light intensity. They are very easy to use requiring just one external capacitor. A light meter combining one of these sensors with this frequency counter could accurately measure irradiance over a 3 decade range.

Attach a crystal microphone to the frequency counter and you have a guitar tuner. The frequency counter will display the exact frequency being played on a musical instrument. You can easily tune the instrument with reference to a table of note frequencies.

This frequency counter kit comes with a pre-programmed PIC, but if you like to learn about PIC source code, read and enjoy the free digital frequency counter construction article and source code provided by MadLab.

Download the free PDF icon frequency counter electronic schematics.



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 55.95
Quantity 10 or More $ 52.50

Quantity:    Frequency Counter Kit ML300