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AV Electronic Kits & Products

Electronic kits and modules for audio-video applications. Build radios, amplifiers, MP3 players, and video game kits. Buy AV selector switches, megaphones, and VU meters, to phone ringers, audio cables, selfie sticks, and more.

<empty> Selfie Stick CAMB18 Attach your phone and extend your selfie range up to 42.9 inches to add context and perspective to your photos! Includes wireless shutter control.

Digital FM Radio Electronic Kit MK194 With excellent sensitivity, search button function, four station presets, and frequency range of 88MHz to 107.9MHz.

MP3 Player Project Electronic Kit K8095 Build your own custom jukebox and play music, jingles, audio messages, and sound effects where and how you want it!

MP3 Player Board VM8095 Factory assembled module. Like a digital jukebox that plays your MP3 music, sound effects, etc. from files stored on a SD or SDHC memory card.

MP3 Jukebox Module VM202 A factory assembled MP3 player on a small circuit board that you can easily integrate into your own custom music or message playback project.

Amplified Speaker Set PCSP802 Factory assembled. Connect to the audio output on your computer sound card, MP3 player, or transistor radio.

Audio Analyzer Electronic Kit K8098 Give your home made projects a high-tech look with this spectrum analyzer, or upgrade just about any existing audio equipment.

5 Watt Stereo Amplifier Electronic Kit MK190 Capable of driving two small loudspeakers, this kit is suitable to amplify mp3 players and many other stereo projects.

Mono Preamp Electronic Kit K1803 Ideally suited as a microphone pre-amp, for boosting very low signals, or for audio signal leveling. Adjustable output gain of up to +40dB.

Audio Preamp Electronic Kit K8084 With volume and tone control, this stereo preamp will amplify or attenuate an input signal from your audio source. Connect the preamp output to your power amplifier.

200 Watt Power Amplifier VM100 Factory assembled. An ideal power amplifier for building your own active speaker system, sub-woofer, guitar or instrument amp, or home theater system.

Car Audio Amplifier Electronic Kit K3503 Enables you to build an affordable high power audio amplifier for your vehicle. With universal connections, this power amp may be connected to 12V or 24V vehicle power systems.

Guitar Preamp Electronic Kit K4102 Allows you to connect your electric guitar to "standard" amplifiers, and includes a headphone output for electric guitar practice without disturbing others.

Deluxe Stereo Headphones HPD11 Factory assembled stereo headphones with 3.5mm input plug and a 6.3mm (1/4") plug adapter. Excellent frequency response, soft ear pads, light weight and comfortable.

TV Tennis Electronic Kit MK121 Play a classic TV tennis video game. For NTSC televisions (North America). Provides hours of fun. With video and audio outputs. One or two players.

TV Tennis Game Electronic Kit MK191 This classic video game has two hand controllers with rotary potentiometers for the fast and precise paddle control.

AV Selector Switch VMS4N 4 inputs to 1 output. Select sources connected through the switch to your TV. Perfect for DVD, satellite, camera, or game consoles.

Audio Video Switch AVW089 3 inputs to 1 output. Instantly select between any of 3 AV sources. Use with VCR's, DVD video players, camcorders, video game consoles, etc.

10 Watt Megaphone M10M With built in microphone, siren, volume control, and a 650 foot useful range.

25 Watt Megaphone MP25SFM With leaded anti-howl microphone, siren, whistle, volume control, and a 1,640 foot range.

Waistband Voice Amplifier PA5NU Strap this around your waist and amplify your voice with 7 watts of power. Great for teachers, seminars, tour guides, auctioneers, and more.

Digital Voice Recorder Playback Kit MK195 Digitally records 30 to 90 seconds of audio with user adjustable sampling rate.

Extended Record Playback Electronic Kit K8094 For digital messages up to 8 minutes long. Adjustable sampling speed to balance message length or quality.

Stereo Super Ear Electronic Kit MK136 Stereo amplifier with a gain of 50x and volume control. With 2 microphones. Ideal for the hearing impaired and other applications.

3W Mono Amplifier Electronic Kit K8066 A three watt power amp for multiple applications.

7W Mono Amplifier Electronic Kit K4001 A seven watt power amp with great performance and multipurpose applications.

7W Power Amplifier VM114 Factory assembled mono channel module.

Low Voltage LED Light Organ VM186 Factory assembled. Convert sounds to light. 12 to 24 volt operation. Suitable for cars and other panel mounted applications.

Stereo VU Meter Electronic Kit K4305 With 2 rows of 10 LED's. Dot or bar indication and an adjustable input. Includes a front panel suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting.

Precision Stereo VU Meter Electronic Kit K4306 With 2 rows of 15 LED's. Dot or bar indication and an adjustable input. Includes attractive front panel window for vertical or horizontal mounting.

LED Star VU Meter Electronic Kit MK172 This star-shaped VU-meter kit will brighten up your party! Responds to sounds and controls 60 LED's.

Telephone Ring Detector VM144 Factory assembled. Provides a visual alert of incoming calls. With built in relay to switch power to external alert devices. Perfect for noisy environments or the hearing impaired.

Telephone Ring Detector Electronic Kit K8086 Provides a visual alert of incoming calls. With build in relay to control power to other external alert devices. Great for noisy environments or for the hearing impaired.

Phone Ringer Electronic Kit K8087 An audible buzzer and flashing LED alerts when the phone rings. Ideal for noisy environments, remote locations, or for the hearing impaired.

Pink Noise Generator Electronic Kit K4301 For analyzing the acoustic properties of a room or audio system.

RCA Audio Cable AVW150-1.5 Stereo channels and shielded cable with RCA male terminations and earth ground conductor.