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Battery Tester VTTEST7

Battery tester VTTEST7

Battery Tester VTTEST7
Click the image for a larger view.

Battery tester VTTEST7 is a sensitive and accurate meter for testing batteries for proper charge. Tests standard zinc carbon, alkaline, mercury, silver oxide, lithium, and nickel cadmium (nicad) batteries. The meter probes are used to test 1.5V AA-C-D cells. The front panel test points are used to test rectangular 9V batteries. To test button cell batteries, insert the cell into the slot on the right side of the meter and depress the brown switch on the front panel.

The battery needs to be replaced (or recharged) if the indicator needle is in the red "Replace" zone. The battery has sufficient capacity left if the needle ends up in the green "Good" zone.

NOTE: This meter can test most small battery types. However, the VTTEST7 should NOT be used to test motorcycle or car batteries, lead acid batteries, or 6V lantern batteries.




Quantity 1 to 9 $ 7.49
Quantity 10 or More $ 6.79

Quantity:    Battery Tester VTTEST7