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Beginner Electronic Kits

Electronic kits for the beginner skill level student or hobbyist.

ApogeeKits Electronic Kits

Flashing LED's Electronic Kit AMK102B ApogeeKits most basic kit is a perfect introduction to electronic soldering. Illustrated assembly manual and circuit schematic included.


Velleman Electronic Kits

Hobbyist Starter Electronic Kit KstartULF Includes a 25 watt solder iron, an iron stand with a wet sponge dock, diagonal cutters, lead free solder wire, and two beginner level electronic kits.

Start to Solder Electronic Kit EDU03U Similar to KstartULF above, this set includes a soldering iron, a basic iron stand, side cutter tool, lead free solder, and two beginner level electronic kits, all contained in a large plastic compartment box for convenient storage of components and tools.

Voice Changer Electronic Kit MK171 Make your voice sound higher or lower, add vibrato, or sound like a robot. Hours of entertainment and many fun uses.

Quiz Table Electronic Kit MK133 Just like a TV quiz show controller, Indicates which player in a multi-player game pushes their button first, in order to win the chance to answer a question.

Robot Bug 1 Electronic Kit MK127 This bright colored miniature robot drives toward sources of light! Features include two open chassis sub-miniature motors, adjustable light sensitivity.

Robot Bug 2 Electronic Kit MK129 This bright colored miniature robot drives toward sources of light! With this micro-bug you can choose between 2 different walks!

Dual Dice Electronic Kit K3400 At your option, play using one dice or two. There's no cheating with these dice, and they won't roll off the table!

Animated LED Smiley Face Electronic Kit MK175 Looks great on any desk. Set it to scroll through 8 different faces or set it to reflect your current mood!

Smiley Face SMD Electronic Button Kit MK141 An introduction into Surface Mount Device (SMD) technology. 2 LED's blink alternately.  This great attention grabber gives everyone a smile!

Color Organ Electronic Kit MK103 Convert sound to light with simple single channel light organ mini-kit. 4 LED's flash in unison to indicate sound or music levels.

Light Organ Electronic Kit MK114 Low voltage single channel light organ operates on 12 to 24 volts DC, or AC. Makes lights flash to the rhythm of music or sounds. Has optically isolated speaker input and adjustable sensitivity. Low voltage allows use in cars.

LED Light Organ Electronic Kit MK186 A panel mounted low voltage kit ideal for controlling LED strips and low voltage halogen and incandescent lights.

LED Dimmer Electronic Kit MK187 Dims LED lighting strips or small incandescent lamps. With attractive mounting panel. Great for dimming accent and decorative lighting projects.

Brain Game Electronic Kit MK159 Repeats a light pattern randomly, which the user tries to repeat. The pattern is played both visually and audibly, or visually only (user selectable). Features 4 selectable difficulty levels.

Adjustable Interval 555 Timer Kit MK111 Every electronics student or professional is aware of the ubiquitous 555 timer chip and it's almost unlimited uses in time delay circuits. The MK111 mini-kit makes your 555 timer project very easy to implement.

Steam Engine Sound Generator Kit MK134 Creates the sound of a vintage steam engine with a train whistle. Adjustable engine speed and volume. Great for model railroads, whistle sounds at the push of a button.


MadLab Electronic Kits

Flashing Lights Electronic Kit ML100 Teach or learn about astable multivibrator circuits with this LED blinkie kit. Create eye catching displays and funny face cutouts with this fun little project!

Lie Detector Electronic Kit ML101 Teach or learn about discrete voltage comparator circuits. Measure skin resistance to detect lies. The wire "probes" sense moisture.

Wonky Wire Electronic Kit ML102 An astable mulitvibrator oscillator with a twist. Test your eye-hand coordination with this Wonky Wire electronic kit.

Bagpipes Electronic Kit ML103 Teach or learn about audio oscillators and voltage divider circuits with this bagpipes electronic kit.

Decisions Electronic Kit ML104 Helps make more decisions than those old fashioned magic 8 balls, because Decisions kit can provide more than just yes or no answers!

Stop Thief! Alarm Electronic Kit ML105 Use this light detecting alarm to protect your possessions. Hide Stop Thief in a bag or a drawer for example. When a thief opens it and outside light reaches the sensor, an alarm will sound and the LED will flash.

Magic Trick Electronic Kit ML106 Madlabracadabra enables you to perform a simple magic trick. Cover the board with an opaque pot or other container, say the magic word, then remove the container to see that the light has changed color.

Telegraph Electronic Kit ML107 Learn and practice Morse code! Works as a stand alone code practice oscillator, or send actual telegraph messages back and forth between two kits.