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Decisions Game Electronic Kit ML104

Decision making electronic kit

Decisions Game kit
Click the image for a larger view

Make Tough Decisions or Foretell the Future

This fun and educational electronic kit will help you make more decisions than those old fashioned magic 8 balls, because Decisions Game can give you more than just yes or no answers! With it's two answer LED indicators, it can help you decide any question that has two possible outcomes. A virtual electronic coin toss, the LED answer indicators can mean virtually anything you think they should mean (like heads or tails). You decide what the LED indicators will mean before you ask the question.

Decide the question you want answered, then press and hold the pushbutton for about a second. The two lights will flash alternately and when you release the pushbutton the flashing will slow down. Eventually the flashing will stop with one of the lights remaining on. If the light with the tick is on then the answer to your question is YES (or whatever you decided the light marked with the tick is going to mean). If the light with the cross is on then the answer is NO (or whatever you decided the light marked with the cross is going to mean).  Answers not to be taken seriously. It's just a game.

The best part of all is you have fun while teaching or learning about multivibrator oscillators, R/C time constants, transistor switching, and more!



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 11.95
Quantity 10 or More $ 10.89

Quantity:    Decisions Game Electronic Kit ML104