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Telegraph Electronic Kit ML107
Morse Code Practice Oscillator

Telegraph Morse code practice oscillator

Electronic Telegraph kit
Click the image for a larger view

Learn Morse Code and Send Real Messages with Electronic Telegraph!

Telegraph electronic kit lets you practice Morse code as a stand alone code practice oscillator, or telegraph actual messages between two of these kits using Morse code.

This kit was inspired by the very earliest form of electrical communication device - The Electric Telegraph.
Practice your Morse Code skills by tapping out letters on the pushbutton. You'll hear the dots and dashes on the built in buzzer. When you are sufficiently skilled, you can connect two kits together and send actual messages between them.

To connect two Telegraph kits together, use twin-core wire or two individual wires. Depress the orange levers of the terminal block and push the wires into the holes. Connect like to like, i.e. the two holes marked with a small rectangle together. (If you connect the wires the other way around a continuous beep will sound.) Pressing the pushbutton on either telegraph kit then sounds a beep simultaneously on both.

Try decoding the following message of "dots" and "dashes" using the table below. It was sent by the ocean liner Titanic after she struck an iceberg and began to sink. See Telegraph Message for the answer.

-.-.   --.-   -..       ...   ---   ...       -..   .       --   --.   -.--

Morse Code Alphabet
A .- N -. 0 -----
B -... O --- 1 .----
C -.-. P .--. 2 ..---
D -.. Q --.- 3 ...--
E . R .-. 4 ....-
F ..-. S ... 5 .....
G --. T - 6 -....
H .... U ..- 7 --...
I .. V ...- 8 ---..
J .--- W .-- 9 ----.
K -.- X -..- . .-.-.-
L .-.. Y -.-- , --..--
M -- Z --.. ? ..--..

You can also download and print the Morse Code Alphabet with four copies of the table above to cut out and share with your friends. With a little practice, you'll be sending Morse code telegraph messages back and forth in no time!



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 13.95
Quantity 10 or More $ 13.49

Quantity:    Telegraph Kit ML107