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Triple Constant Monitor CM420

Triple constant monitor CM420  CM420 mounting options

Triple Constant Monitor CM420
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Monitors 2 Wrist Straps and 1 ESD Bench Mat

Triple constant Monitor CM420 monitors in "real time" all three ground paths of two antistatic wrist straps and one antistatic bench mat while in use by operators in production. Far superior to periodically checking wrist straps with an ordinary wrist strap tester and the mat ground separately with an ohm meter. Failures detected by the constant monitor are identified immediately when they occur, before static can damage your product, not hours after the fact.

Advantages of constant monitors:  • Immediate detection of ESD ground failures,  • Detects intermittent faults that periodic wrist strap testers may not catch,  • No need to rely on operators to periodically test their wrist straps,  • Reduced ESD damage improves product quality and reliability,  • Comparable cost to wrist strap testers but with the added benefit of constant ground path monitoring.  • Eliminates periodic testing requirements of ESD wrist straps and mat grounds  • Relieves supervisors of monitoring employees periodic testing and keeping test log records.

How the CM420 constant monitor works: Operators plug their ESD wrist strap cord into the ground jack of the constant monitor at their workstation. The workstation bench mat (common point type) ground cord also connects to the monitor. The instrument grounds the wrist strap(s) and continuously monitors the ground paths for failures, including proper wrist strap contact to the operators skin.

A proper wrist strap ground will cause the operator LED on the constant monitor to glow green. If a wrist strap is not being worn but is still plugged into the monitor, an audible alarm will sound for 7-10 seconds and the operator LED will blink red. If a wrist strap is being worn while plugged into the monitor and its resistance is higher than maximum, the operator LED will blink red and an audible alarm will sound.

Simultaneously, the status of the bench mat ground is also monitored. For normal operating resistance the BSG LED will glow green. If this resistance exceeds maximum, the BSG LED will blink red and an audible alarm will sound.

Also available: Constant Monitor S5181 to monitor only one wrist strap at a time.




Quantity 1 to 9 $ 104.95
Quantity 10 or More $ 97.00

Quantity:    Triple Constant Monitor CM420