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Solar - Hydrogen - Bio-Energy - Fuel Cell - Education Sets

Discover how to create and use the renewable "green" energy sources of the future with these educational science electronic kits.

Energy Education Kits

Solar Hydrogen Education Set KNS9 Discover electrolysis and learn how to produce, store and use a clean energy source of the future. Water can be converted to hydrogen which is then transformed by fuel cells into electrical energy to power anything from vehicles to electronic devices.

Fuel Cell Car Science Kit KNS10 Uses a reversible PEM fuel cell that combines electrolysis and power conversion into one single device. Watch as oxygen and hydrogen gases are formed in two transparent water containers.

Hydrogen Racer Science Kit KNS11 Demonstrate the use of cutting-edge alternative energy and automotive technologies. Includes fuel cell components and hydrogen fueling station.

Bio-Energy Discovery Kit KNS13 Demonstrates the latest in fuel cell technology. Current fuel cells use hydrogen or methanol. This fuel cell kit directly converts ethanol (alcohol) to electricity silently and without any combustion. Runs non-stop for days!

Solar Energy Experiment Kit EDU02 Learn all about solar energy and its many uses. Perform 10 science projects and demonstrations.

Start to Solder Electronic Kit EDU03U Includes a soldering iron, a basic iron stand, side cutter tool, lead free solder, and two beginner level electronic kits, all in a handy compartment box for storing electronic components and tools.

USB Tutor Module EDU05 Make your first steps into the PC - USB world MUCH simpler! This factory assembled tutor module helps you learn to master USB communication with the outside world.

Oscilloscope Tutor Kit EDU06 Factory assembled. Teaches how to use an oscilloscope by providing various electronic waveforms to measure with oscilloscopes. Includes a pictured lesson manual with 8 experiments.

<empty> LCD Oscilloscope Kit EDU08 Build your own oscilloscope. Explore electronics and see the signals you learn about in real life. Powerful auto-setup function will get you going in a snap!

<empty> PC Based Oscilloscope Kit EDU09 Build a PC based oscilloscope, transient recorder, and spectrum analyzer and display your electronic measurements on your own PC!

Wind Power Generator Electronic Kit ML224 Generate electrical energy from wind power! A fun and educational electronic kit that demonstrates how renewable wind power is converted to electrical energy.

Windy Joules Anemometer Electronic Kit ML304 Measure and record wind speeds and light levels to calculate available energy. An educational electronic kit for renewable energy studies and science fairs.