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Enigma Machine Electronic Kit ML211

Enigma machine electronic kit  Enigma logo

Enigma Machine - message encryption electronic kit
Click the image for a larger view

The Enigma Machine electronic kit is an accurate and functional simulation of the mechanical M3 Enigma cipher machine used by the German Navy during World War II.

Send Encrypted Messages with Enigma Machine!

The Enigma kit uses a pre-programmed PIC microcontroller chip and a PS/2 PC keyboard to accurately and functionally simulate the the mechanical encryption method of the original M3 Enigma machine which used a combination of mechanical rotors, rings, reflectors, and plugs to scramble a plain text message typed on a keyboard into an encrypted text message output.

The selection and sequence of various encryption rotors, rings, reflectors, and plugs could be easily changed to produce differently encrypted output (for a given input) each time the machine was used, thus making the encrypted messages almost impossible to decode without knowing the right "key" to the order of rotors, rings, reflectors, and plugs.

The reciprocal nature of the original Enigma machine (and also the electronic kit version) means that by knowing the "key" and typing the encrypted message back into the keyboard, the Enigma electronic kit will also decipher and reveal the original message. Read How the Enigma machine works for a more detailed operational description of this fascinating historical cipher machine and this electronic kit version.

Get 2 or more Enigma Machine electronic kits and send encrypted text messages between friends! User assembly and soldering is required, and a PS/2 computer keyboard is needed to use it. (PS/2 keyboard not included)



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 29.95
Quantity 10 or More $ 27.19

Quantity:    Enigma Machine Electronic Kit ML211