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Funky Guitar Electronic Kit ML223

Funky guitar electronic kit

Funky Guitar electronic kit
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Funky Guitar is an Electronic Synthesizer

Funky Guitar plays musical notes over 5 octaves, one octave at a time, in four voices. The full twelve notes in an octave including sharps and flats are available. Touch the free end of the stylus against the metal legs of the keyboard resistors (R8 to R19) to play notes. The pushbuttons change the octave. The left button shifts the notes up by one octave, and the right button shifts them down by one octave. Both buttons pressed together and released changes the voice. Four voices are available - acoustic guitar, organ, electric guitar and synthesizer. Both buttons pressed together and held down for two seconds plays the demo tune. The demo tune is played in the currently active voice. To save your battery, Funky Guitar will go to sleep if it is left unused. Press either pushbutton to re-awaken it. Electronic kit assembly is required.



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 26.95
Quantity 10 or More $ 24.49

Quantity:    Funky Guitar Electronic Kit ML223