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Intermediate Electronic Kits

A wide range of electronic kits from ApogeeKits, Velleman, Molten Voltage, and MadLab for the intermediate skill level.

Kits From ApogeeKits

Animated Bell Electronic Kit KBB1 This unique kit displays a bell swinging back and forth through 5 individual positions. Speed is user adjustable. Includes a DC power adapter.

Colorful Flashing Cross Electronic Kit AK27015 ApogeeKits flashing cross kit has 12 multi-colored LED's which independently change color and flash in a beautifully random manner. Powered by a 9V battery or a DC power adapter.

Kits From Velleman

Liquid Level Controller Electronic Kit K2639 Detects and controls liquid levels in many situations. Activate pumps to fill or prevent overflowing of liquids.

<empty> Stroboscope Electronic Kit K5300 Simulate lightning or create flashing disco light effects. Build this strobe light with a flash rate from 5 to 15Hz.

Multi-Mode Relay Timer Electronic Kit K8015 A versatile module to control other devices via relay. Any of 14 operating modes can be selected or changed at anytime.

Clap On Clap Off Electronic Kit MK139 Operate lights with the clap of your hands. With 1 or 2 clap mode selection and a built in safety turn-off timer. Great for the disabled, elderly, or the just plain lazy!

3 Channel Color Organ Electronic Kit K8017 Build this attractively designed color organ and turn your favorite music into a multi-colored light show! Microphone included. Attractive translucent enclosure.

Pulse Width Modulator Electronic Kit K8004 Ideal for the accurate control of DC motors, lighting levels, small heaters, and other applications.

DC Power Supply Electronic Kit K1823 A 1 Amp regulated DC power supply with a voltage adjustable output range from 1.5 to 35 volts.

<empty> Symmetrical DC Power Supply Electronic Kit K8042 Just add a suitable transformer and heatsink to create a low cost symmetric DC power supply with regulated output voltage between +/- 1.2Vdc to 24Vdc (at 2 x 1 Amp).

Temperature Sensor Electronic Kit K8067 Measure indoor and outdoor temperatures, control heating and/or cooling of rooms, equipment, monitor temperatures in processes, put a temperature readout on your web site, check your pools temperature, etc.

Thermostat Electronic Mini-Kit MK138 A general purpose thermostatic switch used to effect temperature control. Uses a NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor sensor.

Signal Generator Electronic Mini-Kit MK105 Outputs a fixed 1KHz sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, and integrator signals that are selectable through jumper configuration. Output level is adjustable from 0 to 100 mV rms.

Magic Message Electronic Kit MK155 Similar to our SpaceFlag swinging LED message kit shown below... but this one only displays 7 character messages with some different features and options.

3D Animated LED Cube Electronic Kit MK193 Powered by either a 9V battery or through a USB printer cable. Comes factory programmed with several animations. Create and save custom animations in Windows software.

Molten Voltage Kits

Thumb Stadium Electronic Kit MVK100 4 games in 1. Thumb Stadium is a two player handheld game that includes four different games of skill. Thumb War, SlapJack, Jai Alai, and Reflexy.

MadLab Kits

Amoeboid Electronic Kit ML200 A cute little space alien with four LED lights that pulse and flash. LED's flash at random and periodically in 16 patterns.

Reactometer Electronic Kit ML201 Test your reaction time! Reactometer displays your reaction time on a scale from 1 to 10!

Super Spy Electronic Kit ML202 A miniature microphone on a long wire with a high-power amplifier at the other end. Set has many possible uses and can be used overtly or covertly.

Strength-o-meter Electronic Kit ML203 Develop your finger strength! Train for finger Olympics! This fun kit measures your finger strength and displays your progress.

Mad Music Machine Electronic Kit ML204 A PIC micro synthesizer that plays your tunes or one of its own. Includes a pre-programmed chip with up to four tunes (choose between Scottish, Soaps or Kids mixes). Play your own tunes using the touch keyboard.

Razzle Dazzler Electronic Kit ML205 A lighted pin controlled by a computer chip. A ring of bright LED's around the circuit board displays changing light patterns that will dazzle your friends! A 3V coin cell battery is included!

Dawn Chorus Electronic Kit ML207 This daylight alarm kit wakes you up gently with bird song at the light of dawn!

Whack a Mole Electronic Kit ML208 Whack a Mole kit is four games in one device. Two games based on the classic Whack-a-Mole theme and two more games called Moley Says, provide progressively challenging hours of fun!

Jr. Theremin Electronic Kit ML209 is a miniature digital version of the classic early electronic musical instrument. Responds musically to hands moving near, toward, and away from the aerial, without actually being touched.

Psi-Q Tester Electronic Kit ML210 Test or develop your psychic ability with this fun electronic kit. A scientific way to test your own psychic ability, or ability to read the minds of others.

Enigma Machine Electronic Kit ML211 An accurate and functional simulation of the mechanical M3 Enigma machine used by the German Navy to encrypt messages during the Second World War. Get two and send encrypted text messages to your friends!

Insectoid Electronic Kit ML212 This electronic insect will chirrup, flash it's LED eyes, and twitch it's antennae. You train it with the included whistle and teach it how to behave!

SpaceFlag LED Message Electronic Kit ML213 Snap the batteries into the handle, program it with your message, and wave it with your hand. Your message appears to float in space before your eyes!

Spy Catcher Electronic Kit ML214 A sophisticated security alarm kit with multiple sensors, silent mode, and security code features.

Fridge Face Electronic Kit ML215 A refrigerator magnet with personality and two useful functions. It's an egg timer, and it can act as a messenger for people. When not being used it will periodically say things of its own.

Sonar Explorer Electronic Kit ML216 Demonstrate the principles of using sound waves for distance measurement. This range finder transmits a series of ultrasonic pulses, listens for the echoes to bounce back from objects, then pings its buzzer to indicate the measured distance to the objects.

Sharpshooter Electronic Kit ML217 Build this exciting gun and target game and become an LED sharpshooter.

You've Got Mice Electronic Kit ML218 Simulates the sounds of a mouse infestation. Mouse squeaks, and the sound of their tails and feet scratching across a surface.Hide it in an air duct, a box, etc. as a fun and harmless practical joke!

Manic Mouse Electronic kit ML219 Secretly connect this kit to your victims PS/2 mouse port. Manic Mouse will subtly alter the behavior of the PC mouse. 5 levels of operation will gradually increase your victims level of irritation, and at the same time increase the level of fun for those in the know!

Wee Beastie Electronic Kit ML220 An electronic kit robotic toy that "feeds" on sources of light, then bounces around on the floor.

Baird TV Apparatus Electronic Kit ML221 Build this modern version of Baird's electro-mechanical TV apparatus that demonstrates the principle behind the very first television invented by John Logie Baird in the 1920's. Displays a couple of short animation sequences.

E-Lock Electronic Kit ML222 A DTMF touch tone activated electronic combination lock controlled by the keypad of a mobile phone. When the correct combination is entered, a relay on the E-Lock circuit board is activated. The relay can be connected to a solenoid (not included) controlling the lock on a door or cupboard.

Funky Guitar Electronic Kit ML223 A synthesizer that plays notes over 5 octaves (12 notes in one octave at a time), in four voices (acoustic guitar, organ, electric guitar and synthesizer). Connects to powered speakers or headphones.

Wind Generator Electronic Kit ML224 A fun and educational kit that demonstrates how wind energy is converted to electrical energy.

IR-ritator Remote Control Jammer Kit ML225 Have hilarious fun playing harmless practical jokes on anybody who uses an infrared remote to control electrical equipment such as a television.

Mine Sweeper Electronic Kit ML227 Mine Sweeper is a metal detecting electronic kit that detects metal objects that come within a few centimeters of the coil on its circuit board. Includes five modes of operation.