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Manic Mouse Electronic Kit ML219

Manic Mouse kit

Manic Mouse electronic kit
Click the image for a larger view

Manic Mouse is a fun and totally harmless practical joke! Use Manic Mouse to drive PC users crazy!

Drive Your Friends and Coworkers CRAZY!

Install Manic Mouse discretely on a PS/2 mouse cable, (in-line) between the mouse and the victims PC computer. When enabled, Manic Mouse will subtly alter the PC mouse's behavior, such as making the mouse pointer appear to stick, or reverse the direction of the pointer. Needless to say, this is extremely irritating for your victim, and it will be hard to keep yourself from laughing as your victim curses their mouse!

Manic Mouse will make your victim think their mouse needs cleaning, or that their machine may be infected by a virus. But whatever they do wont cure the problem, as Manic Mouse can't be detected by anti-virus software. In fact, there is no software to install, and Manic Mouse remains external to the computer.

Manic Mouse has 5 levels of operation. The higher the level the more extreme the disruption. The pushbutton increments the level which is indicated by 1 to 5 flashes of the LED light.

The disruption level is saved when the PC is powered down. Initially level 1 is active (no disruption).

level 1 - no disruption, mouse behaves normally.
level 2 - periodically the mouse sticks.
level 3 - periodically the mouse sticks, or its movement is reversed.
level 4 - periodically the movement is magnified, or is confined to only a part of the screen.
level 5 - periodically the mouse overshoots, or the right button appears to press itself.

The duration of the disruption of the mouse behavior and the frequency of its occurrence both increase with level.

The Manic Mouse kit is completely harmless to your victims PC. Normal operation of the victims mouse is easily restored when Manic Mouse is either disabled, or removed from the mouse cable.

Supports both standard 2-button PS/2 mice and the Microsoft Intellimouse, and is compatible with Windows 98 upwards. It is not guaranteed to work with mice which use proprietary non-standard extensions to the PS/2 protocols (such as Logitech mice).

No battery required as Manic Mouse is powered by the PC.

To connect the Manic Mouse kit, just plug the victims PS/2 mouse into one end of the Manic Mouse device, then using the included extension cable, plug the other end of Manic Mouse into the PC. Conceal the Manic Mouse device in a convenient hiding place (such as behind the PC or under the desk surface).



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 20.95
Quantity 10 or More $ 18.99

Quantity:    Manic Mouse Electronic Kit ML219