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Mine Sweeper Electronic Kit ML227

Mine sweeper metal detector

Mine Sweeper Kit
Click the image for a larger view

Build Your Own Metal Detector

Build your own metal detector with Mine Sweeper electronic kit ML227. Mine Sweeper is a metal detector that detects metal objects that come within a few centimeters of the coil on its circuit board. Includes five modes of operation with different sounds and patterns of light.

Mine Sweeper has five modes of operation. To change mode press and hold down the pushbutton (MODE) for about 2 seconds. The modes are then stepped through while the pushbutton is held down. Release the pushbutton to select a particular mode. The mode is indicated by 1 to 5 lights being lit and initially mode 1 is active.

mode 1: running pattern of lights. Normally silent, tone sounds when metal is detected.
mode 2: lights display signal level. Tone which increases in pitch when metal is detected. More sensitive than mode 1.
mode 3: running pattern of lights. Pings which increase in frequency when metal is detected.
mode 4: same as mode 2 but with muted sound.
mode 5: same as mode 1 but with lights off.

To save your battery, Mine Sweeper will go to sleep after about 10 minutes of inactivity (but it is a good idea to remove the battery anyway when you will not be using it for any length of time). Press the pushbutton to re-awaken it.



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 27.00
Quantity 10 or More $ 24.59

Quantity:    Mine Sweeper Kit ML227