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Fridge Face Electronic Kit ML215

Fridge Face electronic kit

Fridge Face Kit
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Fridge Face is a refrigerator magnet with personality and two useful functions - it's an egg timer, and it can act as a messenger for people. When idle it will periodically say things of its own. A fun and useful electronic kit!

Leave Messages and Never Overcook an Egg!

Press both buttons together and hold them down for about 2 seconds. Fridge Face will then step through its modes of operation. To use it as a messenger, release the buttons when an exclamation mark (!) is shown. To use it as an egg timer, release them when an hour glass is shown. Because it's also a refrigerator magnet, it's always handy and doesn't take up counter space.


Fridge Face can store a message of up to 50 text characters in length. Fridge Face will periodically beep to attract attention and display the message.

Messages can use the letters A to Z, the space character, numbers from 0 to 9, and some punctuation characters.

Messages are entered using the two buttons to select the characters desired. The idea is to step through the letters in the alphabet until you reach the one you want. Pressing the right button moves you forward one position in the alphabet (for example from B to C). Pressing the left button moves you back one position in the alphabet (from F to E for example). You start from the space character, which is followed by the letter A (and preceded by the digit 9).

In other words, pressing the right button once gives you an A, pressing it twice gives you a B, and so forth.

Once you have reached the letter you want, press both buttons together to set the character in memory and step on to the next character in the message. Enter the next character in the same way, then step on again. Continue in this way until the whole message is entered. Just step over any characters you want left as spaces in your message.

When you have finished entering your message, press both buttons together and hold them down for 2 seconds. Your complete message will then be displayed, one character after the other, and will repeat continuously until either button is pressed.

Egg Timer

The display shows the number of minutes and quarter minutes (minutes in the column on the left and quarter minutes in the column on the right). Press the right button to increase the time by 15 seconds, and the left button to decrease it by 15 seconds. You can vary the time from 1 minute (very soft-boiled egg) to 7 minutes 45 seconds (hard-boiled egg). When you have set the cooking time you want, press both buttons together to start the timer.

Fridge Face will let you know when your egg is cooked by beeping repeatedly. Press either button to stop the beeping.


Sound can be muted by pressing both buttons together for 2 seconds, then releasing them when a crossed-out musical note is shown. To re-enable sound, release the buttons when a face is shown.

To save the battery, Fridge Face will go to sleep if it is left unused for a couple of hours (but it is a good idea to disconnect the battery if you wont be using it for any length of time). Just press either button to re-awaken it.



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 29.95
Quantity 10 or More $ 27.19

Quantity:    Fridge Face Electronic Kit ML215