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Sonar Explorer Electronic Kit ML216

Sonar range finder kit

Sonar Explorer electronic kit
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Demonstrate the principle of using sound waves to measure distance with this sonar range finder kit.

Measure Distance With the Sonar Explorer Range Finder

Use Sonar Explorer as a personal range finder for navigating in the dark. It transmits a series of ultrasonic sound pulses, detects echoes returned from nearby objects, and audibly beeps to indicate the measured distance.

To use Sonar Explorer, hold the board by the battery at chest height with the ultrasonic transducers pointing away from you. Rotate the board to scan in different directions to detect obstacles around you.

Sonar Explorer scans for objects that are within a range of about 3 feet (1m). A sequence of high-pitched beeps indicates that an object is within this range. The beep rate increases as the distance to an object grows nearer.

If the pushbutton is held down, Sonar Explorer will increase its scan distance up to about 10 feet (3m). Low-pitched beeps indicate an object between 3 feet and 10 feet away. The length of beeps indicate distance, the longer the beeps are, the farther the object.

If no object is within range, then Sonar Explorer will periodically click.

To save the battery, Sonar Explorer will go to sleep when it is not being used. Press the button to re-awaken it.



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 33.95
Quantity 10 or More $ 30.79

Quantity:    Sonar Explorer Electronic Kit ML216