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Strength-O-Meter Electronic Kit ML203

Strength test meter electronic kit

Strength-O-Meter electronic kit
Click the image for a larger view

Tests Your Finger Grip Strength

Use this fun electronic kit to test the grip strength of your fingers. When you connect the battery, the Strength-o-meter will test and calibrate itself. All the LED lights in the bar will flash twice if everything is working properly. When the lights have stopped flashing, your Strength-o-meter is ready for grip testing.

Place Strength-o-meter on a flat surface and squeeze the plastic sensor tube with your thumb and finger. The harder you squeeze, the more LED will light up on the strength bar. Try to get all the lights in the bar to turn on. IMPORTANT - don't touch the board with your other hand (your body can pick up electronic hum which interferes with the operation of Strength-o-meter).

Disconnect the battery when you will not be using the kit for any length of time.



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 18.95
Quantity 10 or More $ 17.29

Quantity:    Strengthometer Electronic Kit ML203