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Junior Theremin Electronic Kit ML209

Jr. Theremin electronic kit

Jr. Theremin electronic kit
Click the image for a larger view

Make beautiful music with this Junior Theremin electronic kit.

Build a Miniature Theremin Instrument!

Junior Theremin is a version of the classic early electronic Theremin instrument. It responds with music to the movement of your hand toward or away from the wire aerial and changes the pitch of the notes it plays, without actually being touched.

Junior Theremin works in two modes - continuous and discrete. When you first connect the battery, Junior Theremin is in continuous mode. Pressing both pushbuttons together switches between continuous and discrete modes.

Discrete mode, as its name implies, plays individual or discrete notes rather than a continuously variable tone. Eight notes over a single octave are available at a time. Two pushbuttons may be used to change the octave of the notes. The left-hand pushbutton (marked -) lowers the octave, and the right-hand pushbutton (marked +) raises the octave. The pushbuttons only change the octave so long as they are pressed.

In continuous mode the pushbuttons have no effect, but the tone will vary through the complete frequency range.

Please note: To conserve the battery, the previous version of this kit would "go to sleep" after a few minutes of not using the kit.
By popular demand, THIS NEW VERSION DOES NOT GO TO SLEEP on it's own. The only way to turn off the kit is to remove the battery or install your own power switch in series with one of the battery clip leads. (power switch not included).



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 18.29
Quantity 10 or More $ 17.89