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Thermostat Electronic Kit MK138

Thermostat electronic kit MK138  MK138 connections

Thermostat electronic kit MK138
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Controls Temperatures Between 41° to 86° F

Thermostat kit MK138 uses a NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor temperature sensor to detect temperature changes. The thermostat can respond to a set point temperature range from approximately 41°F to 86°F (5°C to 30°C).

With potentiometer set point control, the designed amount of hysteresis can be increased by decreasing the value of fixed resistor R7.

The thermostat output is a 3 amp relay for load control. When the measured temperature is above or below the set point, either the normally open or the normally closed relay contacts (or both) can control power to the output load device(s). For example a cooling fan, a heater or a lamp, an actuated vent, or a Peltier thermo-electric device might be desired to effect temperature changes.

By using both the "normally open" AND the "normally closed" relay contacts, one set of contacts may be used to control a cooling device while the other contacts could be used to control a heating device.

MK138 is an electronic kit. User assembly of components and soldering is required. Also available factory as Thermostat VM137 module.



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 7.49
Quantity 10 or More $ 7.09

Quantity:    Thermostat Mini Kit MK138