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Perforated Circuit Board ECS1/2

Eurocard prototyping board ECS1/2

Perforated circuit board
Click the image for a larger view

One Hole Island Eurocard

The Eurocard configuration of "1-hole islands" is ideal for mounting and soldering most through-hole type of components and IC's for electronic circuit prototyping. The wire leads components are inserted through the holes from one side of the board, and then soldered to the copper pads on the opposite side. This securely mounts each component to the board.

Inter-connection of the circuit components may then be easily completed by utilizing the component's own leads, or by adding other wires to build working electronic circuits.

Wiring prototype circuits on the Eurocard can be made even quicker and easier with optional pre-cut, pre-formed jumper wire set WJW70.



Quantity 1 to 9 $ 2.69
Quantity 10 or More $ 2.45

Quantity:    Eurocard Perf Board ECS1/2