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IR Remote Control Transmitters & Receivers

IR transmitters send infrared signals to an IR receiver. Upon detecting these signals, the receivers activate built in relays to control custom user applications.

IR Remote Control Receiver Kit MK161 Operates with the 2 channel IR keychain transmitter electronic kit MK162, but also responds to other Velleman brand IR transmitters.

IR Remote Control Transmitter Kit MK162 The ideal compliment to the IR remote control receiver kit MK161. This 2 channel keychain transmitter works with many other Velleman brand infrared receivers as well.

IR Remote Control Transmitter VM121 Factory assembled. 15 channels. Operates the 15 channel IR receiver VM122. Three addresses allow the use of multiple receivers in one room.

IR Remote Control Receiver VM122 Factory assembled. 15 channels. Controlled by the 15 channel IR transmitter VM121, but it also responds to other Velleman brand infrared transmitters.

IR Remote Control Transmitter VM191 Factory assembled 4 channel infrared remote supports a variety of Velleman brand IR receivers.

IR Remote Control Tester Kit MK137 This troubleshooting tool verifies whether any IR remote control is transmitting.

IR Remote Control Transmitter Kit K8049 15 channels. Operates the 15 channel IR receiver electronic kit K8050. Also works with most Velleman brand receivers.

IR Remote Control Receiver Kit K8050 15 channels. Responds to the 15 channel IR remote transmitter electronic kit K8049 and other Velleman brand transmitters.

IR Remote Control Light Dimmer Kit K6712 Fits in a standard light switch box and allows dimming of room lights by remote control.