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Multimeter Test Instruments

Bench top and handheld multimeters for test and measurement.

Digital Multimeter DVM645BIU Professional grade bench top multimeter interfaces to a PC computer via RS-232 serial interface. Includes software on CD-ROM for recording and printing of measured data.

Digital Multimeter DVM810 Our lowest cost entry level digital multimeter measures AC and DC voltage, resistance, current, with diode check and transistor Hfe. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the price too!

Digital Multimeter DVM850BL Low cost with LCD back light and other high end features. Measures AC & DC voltages, DC current, resistance, Hfe, diode check, and more. Includes test leads and a protective rubber holster.

Digital Multimeter DVM890F 30 test ranges. This complete meter measures AC & DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, transistor, diode, continuity, with included accessories.

Digital Multimeter DVM345DI Interfaces with a PC for recording, data logging, printing. Measures AC or DC voltages, current, resistance, hFE, temperature, many other high-end features.

Capacitance Meter DVM6013 Provides direct readings of capacitor values in 9 ranges from 0.1pF to 20mF on a handheld meter with a 3½ digit LCD display.

Pen Style Multimeter DVM3218 Measures DC or AC voltage and current, resistance, continuity, and diode test. With auto or manual range, data hold, auto power off features.

Frequency Counter DVM13MFC2U A microprocessor based 2.4GHz high resolution digital counter with two range inputs. Measured frequency is displayed on 8 digit green LED readout.

Digital Clamp Meter DCM266L With LCD display, data hold, and most commonly needed features.

Digital Clamp Meter DCM268 Full featured with digital and analog bar graph LCD readout.

Mini Clamp Meter DCM269 Features smaller size for working in tighter areas, a backlit display, and LED flashlight, and more. Ideal for measurements in dark confined spaces.

Voltage Tester VTTEST2 Tests for the presence of AC or DC voltages in the range of 12V to 220V. Digital display of voltages and determines the neutral line in AC circuits, connection to the earth ground line.

Battery Tester VTTEST7 Tests button cells, 1.5V AAA, AA, C &D cells, zinc carbon, alkaline, mercury, silver oxide, lithium, and nickel cadmium (nicad) batteries.

4 in 1 Multimeter DVM401 4 meters in 1.  Measures light, temperature, sound levels, and humidity. Includes battery, leads, and carry bag.

Ultrasonic Distance Meter VTUSD3 More than just a range finder. Includes a laser aimer, displays readings in feet or meters, calculates area, calculates volume, includes carry pouch.

<empty> Digital Tachometer DTO2234 Uses a focused light beam to accurately measure RPM of rotating objects like shafts, pulleys, flywheels, and more.

Infrared Thermometer DVM8869 Non-contact temperature measurement from a distance. Aim the laser beam where you want to measure temperature using IR temperature measurement technology.

Satellite Finder ANTSF1 A signal strength meter used to point satellite dish directly at a satellite. Includes instructions "How to aim satellite dish".

2 Channel Digital Thermometer DVM1322 Includes two type "K" thermocouples. Selectable temperature scales in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Its large LCD can display either channel, or it can display the temperature differential.

Digital Caliper 400-044 Measures inside and outside diameters as well as depths of up to 6 inches. Converts between imperial or metric numbers.

Extended Audio Cable Tester VTTEST15 Enables quick and convenient testing of all types of audio cables. LED indication of conductor continuity. 9-way switch for conductor selection.

3 in 1 Test Instruments Unit LAB2U This combination lab unit saves money and bench space. Combines a digital oscilloscope, function generator, and DC power supply in one unit.