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Mood Lights, Strobes, and Party Lamps


Color Changing Lighted Orb CLB2U Internally lighted with 9 colored LED's. The 10 inch diameter orb slowly and continuously blends through color changes.

Color Changing Mini Light Cube CLC5 Battery operated mini-LED cube is small and portable. A perfect mood light for tables or take home party favors!

Color Changing LED Floor Lamp CLT1U Modern, attractive and internally lit with 18 LED's. Its soft glow creates a calm atmosphere. 3 modes: Set to slowly blend through colors continuously, slowly glow on and off one color at a time, or rapidly flash through color changes!

Plasma Globe Light VDL8PLU Lightening in a bottle! Tentacles of electrons radiate from a sphere centered in the plasma to the inside surface of the 8 inch globe. Continuous mode or responds to the rhythm of music!

Xenon Strobe Lights HAA40 12Vdc strobes in 5 colors for disco light effects, alarm systems, safety alerts, and other industrial or personal projects.

Rope Lights White Red Blue Green & Yellow Available in 18 or 30 foot lengths. Ideal for holiday light displays, mood lighting, or flash different colors with your color light organ or DMX controllers.

LED Strip Lights Assorted Colors 12V DC. Available in 3 colors! Perfect for automotive and motorcycle customization or portable light displays.

LED Strip Lights in White or Blue 12V DC. Ideal for cars, motorcycles, boats and RV's, or your own custom low voltage lighting application.

LED Strips LDB1 Blue, white, green, red, & yellow. Flexible and cut-able strips can be sized to custom lengths. Great for edge lighting of etched or diffused glass decorations and signs, or lighting stair and exit routes borders and more.

LED Strip Lights Red and Blue With basic on/off function. Connect to 12V DC for your own custom lighting projects.

Flexible Silica LED Strip Lights LSL8 Available in SIX COLORS!  Soft silica coated with 96 LED's per strip. Strips are 3.2 feet long and operate on 12V DC.

Bright White LED Pearl Lights CHLPLW 8 pre-wired. 12V DC operation is ideal for cars, trucks, vans, and boats, but also makes nice low voltage lighting for custom cabinet or display case lighting.

Bright Blue LED Pearl Lights CHLPLB 8 pre-wired. 12V DC operation is ideal for cars, trucks, vans, and boats, but also makes nice low voltage lighting for custom cabinet or display case lighting.

RGB Lighting Controller VM146 A control module for strings of incandescent lights or RGB (red green blue) LED strips for novelty lighting effects.