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Computer Remote Control of Kits & Interfaces

Use a PC as a remote control with these electronic kits and factory assembled modules. Serial controlled relay boards and USB interface cards provide many ways to control custom user applications.

Mini USB Interface Board VM167 Factory assembled. Very small USB powered and controlled with 15 inputs and outputs. Add to existing equipment or use a PC to control the outside world.

Ethernet Relay Card VM201 Factory assembled. Provides remote control over the internet or from a mobile phone. Control up to 8 relays or monitor input status from a web browser.

8 Channel USB Relay Module VM8090 Factory assembled. Control up to eight separate 16A relays through a USB port. Board is electrically isolated from the computer.

8 Channel Relay Board Electronic Kit K8056 Can be controlled through RS232, open collector outputs, or addressed by switches. Optionally use the 8-Channel RF Remote Control Electronic Kit K8058 + RX433 module.

8 Channel Relay Card VM129 Factory assembled. Convert small signal inputs such as open collector, TTL, or regular switches to control up to eight 5 amp output relays.

USB Interface Card Module VM110N Factory assembled. With software, or write custom Windows (2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7) applications in Delphi, Visual Basic, C++ Builder, or any other 32-bit Windows application that supports calls to a DLL.

Extended USB Interface Module VM140 Factory assembled version of USB interface board electronic kit K8061 with a total of 33 input/outputs: including analogue / digital and + 1 PWM (pulse width modulated) output. Connection to the PC is galvanically isolated, so that damage to the computer is not possible.

Multifunction Relay Control Electronic Kit K8015 Any of 14 operating modes can be selected by setting the on-board DIP switch positions. Operating mode can be changed at any time.

Stepper Motor Controller Electronic Kit K8096 Drives a single bi-polar stepper motor. Direct USB connection to computer. Ideal for positioning applications.

4 Channel Stepper Motor Controller Electronic Kit K8097 Drives up to four bi-polar stepper motors with direct USB connection to a computer.

Stepper Motor Controller Electronic Kit K8005 For use with bi-polar or uni-polar stepper motors. However, this was designed to connect to the (discontinued) K8000RS input/output Interface Board (if you have one, or can still find one) for PC control.

8 Channel Relay Board Electronic Kit K6714 Use low voltage DC signals from logic circuits, buttons, or open collectors to control high current AC or DC loads through 8 relays.

16 Channel Relay Board Electronic Kit K6714-16 Use low voltage DC signals from logic circuits, buttons, or open collectors to control high current AC or DC loads through 16 relays.

2-Wire 10 Channel Remote Control Electronic Kit K8023 Control up to 10 devices with only 2 wires at a long distance. Microprocessor controlled. Inputs may be push-buttons, switches or open collector outputs from another device.

Quad Triac Switch Control Electronic Kit K2634 Control up to four high voltage AC circuits with low voltage DC signals. Four opto-couplers provide galvanic isolation between the inputs and outputs.