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14 Pin PIC Prototyping Board & Electronic Kits R14

R14 PIC prototyping board

R14 Prototyping Board
Click the image for a larger view

PIC Prototyping Board R14 comes in 3 electronic kit options (see below).

R14 Features

Supports These PIC Microprocessors

Oscillator Options

Power Supply Options

I/O Options


PDF iconRapid 14 Manual (304 KB)
PDF iconPower Supply Options (302 KB)



Quantity:  $ 12.95 R14-KIT Includes PCB (above) plus basic parts electronic kit (includes: 8 and 14 pin socket, 4MHz resonator, DC power receptacle, 47uF cap, 0.1uF caps x 3,470 and 10K Ohm resistors, Green LED, & 78L05).

Quantity:  $ 18.65 R14-I/O Includes both PCB, and basic parts electronic kit, (above) plus I/O parts kit (includes: 2 push buttons, 2N2222 transistor, 2 LEDs, 1 piezo buzzer, 470 Ohm res x 2, & 10k Ohm resistors x 3).