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POZI Head Screwdrivers

Though similar in appearance to a Phillips screwdriver tip (which has four slightly tapered blades), the faces of the four main blades on the PZ0, PZ1, PZ2, and PZ3 pozi-driver tips are parallel to each other (not tapered). Close inspection of the POZI screwdriver tip reveals that they ALSO have 4 small blades in-between the 4 main blades and so are designed ONLY for screw heads with POZI recesses (which are stamped with 4 tick marks for identification).
The 4 small blades between the main blades on POZI screwdrivers will interfere with full insertion into a Phillips head screw, so they are NOT recommended to drive Phillips head screws!

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VTQPZ0 pozi-driver VTQPZ0 screwdriver dimensions

VTQPZ0 POZI Screwdriver with PZ0 Tip



  • Made of Cr-V steel
  • Tip: PZ0
  • Overall length: 6.4" (162mm)

Quantity:  1 to 9 $1.59 10 or More $1.45

VTQPZ1 pozi-driver VTQPZ1 screwdriver dimensions

VTQPZ1 POZI Screwdriver with PZ1 Tip



  • Made of Cr-V steel
  • Tip: PZ1
  • Overall length: 7.8" (198mm)

Quantity:  1 to 9 $1.89 10 or More $1.75

VTQPZ2 pozi-driver VTQPZ2 screwdriver dimensions

VTQPZ2 POZI Screwdriver with PZ2 Tip



  • Made of Cr-V steel
  • Tip: PZ2
  • Overall length: 9.95" (253mm)

Quantity:  1 to 9 $2.49 10 or More $2.25

VTQPZ3 pozi-driver VTQPZ3 screwdriver dimensions

VTQPZ3 POZI Screwdriver with PZ3 Tip



  • Made of Cr-V steel
  • Tip: PZ3
  • Overall length: 10.25" (260mm)

Quantity:  1 to 9 $2.89 10 or More $2.65