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Remote Control by Phone

Control of thermostats, appliances, and other electronic devices using a telephone is possible with these electronic kits. Touch tones sent over the telephone or cell phone to these receiving devices can activate relays to: turn appliance power on or off, change temperature settings, etc.

Remote Control via Telephone Kit K6501 Makes it possible to turn up to three devices on or off over the telephone. It is also possible to check the status of a switch (open or closed).

Remote Control Thermostat Kit K6502 Used as any other thermostat, but with the added function of choosing the day or night temperature setting by means of remote control over a telephone.

Remote Control by Cell Phone Kit MK160 Use your cell phone for remote control of lighting, heating, gate operation, control animal feeders, activate a car alarm, etc.

E-Lock Electronic Lock Kit ML222 A touch tone activated combination lock controlled by the keypad of a mobile phone. When the correct combination is entered, a relay on the circuit board is activated. The relay can be connected to a solenoid (not included) to unlock a door or cabinet.