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Remote Controls Using RF, IR, Phone or Computer

Radio frequency and infrared remote control transmitters and receivers. Computer remote control interfaces and relay boards. Telephone operated remote controlled relays and thermostats. Combine devices to control almost anything!

RF Remote Controls with 1 to 8 Channels
Radio frequency (RF) Handheld remote control transmitter and receiver pairs. Keychain transmitters with 1 or 2 channels and handheld remotes and receiver relay boards with up to 8 channels. Multi-purpose devices.

IR Remote Controls with 2 to 15 Channels
Infrared (IR) keychain and handheld transmitter and receiver sets and relay boards. Multi-purpose devices.

Remote Control by Telephone and Cell Phones
Use the keypad on your telephone or cell phone for remote control of your thermostat, appliances, and other electronic devices. Dedicated and multi-purpose devices.

Use Your PC as a Remote Control
Computer controlled relay boards and USB interface cards, including 8 and 16 channel PC relay boards, stepper motor controller boards, and more. Multi-purpose devices operated from your PC.