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Buglet Electronic Kit ML303

Buglet electronic kit

Robotic Buglet Electronic Kit
Click the image for a larger view

Build a Colony of Social Robotic Insects!

The Buglet robot by MadLab is a social robotic insect that can locate and move towards another Buglet robot and communicate using sound and light. The robot exhibits different interactions depending on whether it is male or female.

To make a Buglet female, turn the preset VR1 fully counter-clockwise, and to make a male Buglet. turn VR1 fully clockwise. Whether a Buglet is male or female is indicated by either a blue or pink flash respectively after the power-on self test.

If two male Buglet's directly face each other they will 'rut', that is to say they will hiss and threaten each other, and may decide to charge. They can hit each other at some speed, hence the need for rubber bungs on their horns.

One Buglet may possibly show submission when charging. The submissive Buglet will glow green, whereas the dominant Buglet will flash red and blue while beeping in triumph. The submissive Buglet will remember the particular Buglet it has submitted to, and when it next meets the same Buglet it will show submission again by glowing green.

Two female Buglet's will interact with call-and-response chirruping and synchronized colors. A male and female Buglet will also interact with sound, color and movement.

A Buglet deprived of all communication with others of its robotic species will eventually exhibit aberrant behavior. Buglet's are social creatures and need the companionship of their own kind. One Buglet is cute, but two or more are very interesting! Electronic kit component assembly and soldering is required.




Quantity 1 to 9 $ 47.95
Quantity 10 or More $ 43.59

Quantity:    Buglet Electronic Kit ML303