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Solder Suckers

A "desoldering pump" or more generically referred to as a "solder sucker", is a tool that vacuums molten solder from circuit board assemblies during circuit repairs or component removal. Replacement tips for each of these tools are referenced on the product pages listed below.

Heated Desoldering Pump VTDESOL3 With built-in 30W heater. Makes melting and removing solder connections a one handed operation (no soldering iron needed).

Professional Desoldering Pump VTD2 Extra large and powerful industrial solder sucker.

Anti-Static Desoldering Pump VTD3 ESD safe housing and tip prevents damage to static sensitive components.

Low Cost Desoldering Pump VTD4 An economical and effective solder sucker.

High Quality Desoldering Pump VTD5 With anodized aluminum housing for long term durability.