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Timer Electronic Kits and Modules

Electronic timers with almost unlimited applications.

Adjustable Interval Timer Module VM136 Factory assembled. A free-running 555 based timer with many uses from flashing lights to photography and industrial applications.

Pulse Pause Timer Kit MK188 With user adjustable time delays from 1 second up to 60 hours. Includes a 16 amp relay to switch your own devices on and off.

Pulse-Pause Interval Timer Module VM188 Factory assembled. With user adjustable time delays from 1 second up to 60 hours. Switches up to 16 amps!

Universal Start-Stop Timer K2579 A 555 based timer kit with adjustable delays from 0 to 15 minutes, extendable up to 60 minutes. Control practically anything from lights, buzzers, pumps, motors, or external relays.

Start-Stop Timer Module VM141 Factory assembled. Adjustable time delays from 1 second up to 60 hours. Includes built-in start and stop buttons, or connect your own external buttons to the input terminal block. Output relay contacts to control external devices.

Multi-Mode Relay Timer K8015 14 operating modes can be changed as desired. The delay learning mode allows you to set the duration of two delays (delay1 and delay2), anywhere from 2 seconds up to 12 days! One or both delays may be used depending upon the chosen mode.

Multifunction Counter Timer K8035 Counts up or down from your own pre-defined starting point. Count each time you press the onboard push buttons, or count externally supplied voltage pulses.

Fan Delay Timer K8041 Makes it possible to control a fan (ventilator) together with the light. After the light is turned off, the fan will continue to run for a period of time (adjustable from 10 seconds up to 5 minutes). Ideal for most bathroom or kitchen ventilator fans.

Power Saver Timer Kit K8075 Turns off equipment at a preset time. Saves power and money while increasing safety. Use with heaters, coolers, lights, coffee makers, fans and motors, pumps, sprinklers, and more.

Combination Timer Module TIMER6 Factory assembled. A combination 24 hour alarm clock, chronometer, and count down timer. Free standing or mounts with clip or magnet. Counts up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Battery included. Makes a great kitchen timer, or reminds you to pick up the kids, take a prescription, tune to your TV show, or wake up from a nap.

Digital Appliance Timer Module TIMER8U Factory assembled. Start and stop electrical appliances. Up to 10 user definable daily or weekly ON/OFF programs. 12/24 hour mode selectable. Daylight savings time function.

Digital Thermostat Control Module VM148 Factory assembled. For accurate temperature control of general purpose applications. Includes one built in (normally open) 3 amp relay contact to control either a heating or a cooling device.

Thermostat Module VM137 Factory assembled. For general purpose temperature control. Includes thermistor sensor and 3 amp relay.