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Electronic kits are a packaged assortment of individual electronic components with a circuit board and detailed instructions for user assembly with a soldering iron and a few basic hand tools.
Stocking and sourcing electronics for over 11 years, ApogeeKits distributes high quality electronic kits, circuits, tools, and factory assembled test equipment and modules for beginner level hobbyists to electronics professionals and engineers, and the occasional mad scientist!
Below are just a few highlights of the hundreds of items we carry.

Electronic Kits for Every Purpose!

Non soldering kitsNon-Soldering Electronic Kits are educational and a safe introduction to basic electronics.

Miniature electronic kitsMini Electronic Kits or "mini-kits" are an ideal introduction to electronics kit building & soldering.

Electronic kits for beginnersBeginner Electronic kits are both fun and useful kits for new electronics students and hobbyists.

Intermediate skill level electronic kitsIntermediate Electronic Kits delve into more practical electronic circuit applications.

Advanced skill level electronic kitsAdvanced Electronic Kits require builder expertise and lean toward professional applications.

Arduino shield electronic kitsArduino Electronic Kits are stackable "shields" that plug directly onto Arduino UNO™.

Electronics and science kitsEducational Electronic Kits teach electronics and other sciences and physical disciplines.

Robotic electronic kitsRobotic Electronic Kits and rovers are a fun way to broaden one's electro-mechanical skills.

Audio video electronic kitsAudio-Video Electronic Kits Amplifiers, MP3 players, signal analyzers, and more!

Kits for automotive applicationsAutomotive Electronic Kits Back-up sensors, windshield wiper delays, electronic ignition, alarms, etc.

Digital clock and display electronic kitsLED Clock Kits and scrolling marquee signs. Kits to build and others are ready to use.

Electronic timer kitsElectronic Timer Kits & modules can control other devices for you. So many timers. So little time!

RF and IR remote control electronic kitsRF Remote Controls and IR remote control electronic kits let you control just about anything!

PIC programmers and electronic kitsPIC Programmer Electronic Kits & Modules from Velleman, MadLab, and DH-Micro.

Holiday electronic kitsChristmas kits, Valentines day kits, and Halloween kits Seasonal Electronic Kits for the holidays!

Electronics Tools & Test Equipment

Electronics hand toolsElectronics Hand Tools for circuit assembly and repair, and complete tool kits to take it all with you.

Electronics bench toolsElectronic Bench Tools Includes vises, tool magnetizer-demagnetizers, heat guns, and goggles.

Soldering equipmentSoldering Tools and desoldering tools for electronic assembly and repairs.

Antistatic toolsAntistatic Equipment and tools for the work bench or out in the field.

Magnifying toolsMagnifying Tools Lighted handheld and head magnifiers, tweezers and magnifying lamps.

LED flashlightsLED Flashlights & lighting. Handheld flashlights, LED utility lights, head worn lights, and more.

Handheld oscilloscopes and multimetersHandheld oscilloscopes and multimeter's for electronic test and measurement.

PC based test equipmentPC Based oscilloscopes, signal generators, and data logger test equipment.

DC power supplies Lab DC Power Supplies and 3 in 1 combination lab unit for the electronics test bench.

Metal detectorsMetal Detectors for security screening and treasure hunting applications.

Electronic Component Kits & Accessories

Electronic componentsElectronic Component kits for parts bins. Resistors, caps, diodes, peltier's, etc.

Electronic prototyping kitsElectronic Prototyping Wire, solderless breadboards, perf-boards, pre-formed jumpers, and cables.

Electronic enclosures and project boxesElectronic Enclosures and project boxes are a nice way to finish out electronic kits and projects.

Electronic accessoriesElectronic Accessories Bulbs, scope probes, serial cables, and cable management racks.